Size: 8 seeds
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Auto Creeper is a strong Sativa dominant autoflower with thick flowers and a large yield, this is an auto that is known for its chunky spear-like buds and genuine Sativa experience. This is a vigorous and fast growing autoflower, both during the vegetative and flowering phase. She has a good stretch and produces medium to large autoflowers which are suitable to grow either in a SOG, a SCROG or the natural way. Auto Creeper has a very intense and pungent aroma and taste. Her terpene profile is unique and special, a sweet and sour aroma with fruity tropical tones and a sour, floral and earthy taste that will surely capture your senses. She produces potent cannabis buds with a powerful high. Her effect is mostly an ‘up-lifting’ mental high that gives you focus, clarity and energy combined with euphoric and relaxing physical relaxation.

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