BL Cylinder Bong Ice with Drum Percolator

Color: Weiss
Sale price€19,68


This little one has it all - handy but very stable Black Leaf® cylinder bong with plug-in system consisting of slit diffuser chillum, and bowl for herbs. And a drum percolator with splashguard for additional cooling and filtering of the smoke.

✔️ With ice chamber

✔️ Kickhole with plug

✔️ Handy size, stable 4mm wall thickness

For those who are not satisfied with the smoke cooling and filtering through the diffuser slits in the chillum, additional ice cubes can be filled into the ice chamber. The mouthpiece is pleasantly rounded which makes inhalation very comfortable. Due to the coloured glass parts, the look is also very appealing.

The kickhole has a matching plug with it, the bowl has a wide handle to pull it up.

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Minimum amount: 3

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