BL Ice Bong Triple HoneyComb

Color: Green
Sale price€41,66


Another gem from the brand Black Leaf®:

✔️ Very robust & heavy quality

✔️ 3 Honeycomb diffuser discs

✔️ Mega smoking fun

The heavy multi level bong made of best borosilicate glass has a wall thickness of fat 5mm. This pipe proves absolute stability when the many diffuser holes of the three honeycomb discs get the bong water bubbling extremely. The multi level system brings additional smoke cooling. This effect is increased when ice cubes are filled into the spacious ice chamber.

The magnificent bong is equipped with a lift-off bowl for herbs which has to be lifted for the final kick.

This glass bong is also very nice for dabbing. To do this, just replace the herb bowl with an oil banger with standard grind SG 19.

Tax: 21%
SRP per piece: 
Minimum amount: 3

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