BL Stainless Steel Deluxe Grinder 3-part

Sale price€55,80


Almost indestructible, abrasion-free, three-part deluxe grinder made of the best stainless steel from Black Leaf®. Immediately recognizable by the lid, where our cool 'BL' emblem is lasered.

The super strong and sharp hash breaker teeth in trapezoidal grinding grind herbs and especially harder hash pieces reliably and quickly. This is also ensured by the central and star-shaped arrangement of the grinding teeth, whereby the tasty ground material falls through the outer openings into the very spacious collecting chamber. This is slightly bevelled and perfectly rounded, so that no valuable remnants of the grinded material can settle in corners or edges.

This grinder deluxe is perfectly processed, which is also noticeable by the absolutely excellent, effortless turnability of the stainless steel grinder. The little treasure is packed in a solid tin made of bamboo wood.

Tax: 21%
SRP per piece: 
Minimum amount: 3

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