Black Leaf Beaker Bong Ice

Color: Green
Sale price€32,50


Red, green or blue: with this great bong from Black Leaf® you can easily take off into the blue sky, see red very relaxed and you always have synchronised traffic lights and free ride to chill island! Because the sea fresh blue tones, psychedelic red tones and grass fresh green tones of this beaker bong made of borosilicate glass are both -calming and invigorating- and put you in a very good mood.The highlights at a glance:

✔️ Large ice chamber

✔️ Very robust quality

✔️ Plug-in system with diffuser adapter

The ice chamber offers enough space for smoke-cooling ice cubes. The bowl for herbs sticks in an adapter with diffusor slits which also provides smoke cooling as well as filtering. Although there is a kick hole (with plug), the bowl has a comfortable lift-off handle.

The glass bong is also very robust, thanks to the stable wall thickness of 5mm and the bi-stable grinding. The mouthpiece is pleasantly rounded.

Tax: 21%
SRP per piece: 
Minimum amount: 3

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