Black Leaf Lady Lifter Hand Vaporizer

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Smoke or vape, that is the question that arises with the 'Lady Lifter' from Black Leaf® before each use. Because the 'Lady Lifter' can do both!

First, it is a one-hitter with a nicely formed mouthpiece for smoking smaller pure portions. The herbs are ignited directly in the bowl which is created by the integrated sieve.

However, if you pull apart the two tubes made of borosilicate glass, the one-hitter becomes a vaporizer. For this purpose, the herbs have to be filled into the extended glass tube part which now acts as the steam chamber. It is important that this part of the glass tube now gets heated from the outside (without contact with the herbs) until the herbs can evaporate.

When pushed together, the 'Lady Lifter' with its floral application has pocketsize and therefore is gladly used on the go.

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