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Spare tanks for the High quality Bunch Vapers Ceramic POD. Made of aluminium to provide it with extra resistance and a magnetic drip tip for the tank.

Highly recommended to vape extractions, since it counts with a ceramic resistance that will help you mix your E-Liquids with the extractions regardless how concentrated it is.

This POD enables you to recharge your extractions securely, as the drip tip has a silicone shutting that assures total sealing.

In order to have different extractions you only need to remove a tank and put a different one.

Tank capacity: 1.0ml
Ceramic Resistance: 1.4Ω

3 POD tanks


1. Fill the tank following the instructions thoroughly. A misuse could end up in losing the e-liquid.

2. How to avoid direct absorption when vaping: if the liquids are maintained in the atomizer without vaping for a while will cause an e-liquid holdup in the ceramic tip. This will produce the “shot” effect causing a liquid absorption instead of vaporized. The vaper must be shaken and cleaned, so that it can be used again.

 3. After using it for a long time, condensation of the e-liquids could appear between the battery and the atomizer causing the vaper misfunction. Clean the joint between the battery and the atomizer to avoid this problem.

4. When vaping do not block the side holes in the vaporizer.

5. Change the tank when the amount of steam if not the desired. The tank is a consumable part that can be recharge several times depending on the type of e-liquid.

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Minimum amount: 3

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