CBDfx Biotin Hair Support 200mg CBD Vegan Gummies (10x32g)

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A Sweet Treat Anywhere

Get your hair and nails looking healthy with Wholesale CBDfx Biotin Hair Support 200mg CBD Gummies. With 5000mcg of this vitamin in each serving, your customers can enjoy the tasty cherry blossom flavor to help give it some extra love!


Maintaining good nutrition is important for fighting off pesky Breakage before it begins so that’s why we recommend adding these gummy vitamins into everyday life for optimum health results without worrying about side effects.

People take biotin every day without knowing it. This vitamin is found in many healthy foods, and can also be obtained from supplements or pills for those who aren’t getting enough of the nutrient through their diet alone. But don’t just take a pill to improve your hair!

Tasty and Healthy

In addition, to its role as an important building block for cells with DNA deeds – including skin follicles as well as nails-Biotin has been proven effective at combating age spots due primarily because they’re pigments linked closely together on our body. You can find a number of biotin supplements on the market today, all offering you easy access to this vitamin that naturally occurs in red meats and eggs. Advantages include increased hair growth potential as well!


If you’re looking for a way to get more of that B-vitamin into your diet, look no further than the delicious benefits of biotin gummies. They are perfect on their own and when combined with high-quality CBD hemp extract they take it up another level altogether! With these tablets made by our friends at CBDfx all while being guaranteed 100% organic because there’s nothing worse than an unhealthy product claiming otherwise so put down those worries right now. Each serving contains 50mg CBD and 5000mcg of biotin.

Content of CBDfx Biotin Hair Gummies

  • x1 Box Display
  • x10 Pouch Pieces 32gr

    Packed weight 0.416 kg
    Packed size 14 × 10.5 × 14 cm

    CBD Fx

    CBD (mg)

    200mg CBD

    Pieces per display

    10 pieces



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