CBDfx Sleep Chamomile Passion Flower 200mg CBD Vegan Gummies (10x32g)

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Sweet and Helpful

CBDfx has nailed the perfect blend of natural ingredients to help ease one’s mind into a gentle good night. Let this beautiful, calming CBD oil gently glide over your body and do its best work by letting you sleep peacefully without any additional stressors or worries for an evening!


Wholesale CBDfx Sleep Chamomile Passion Flower 200mg CBD Gummies are a must-have for anyone who needs help getting their zzzs! These treats will soothe and relax your customers, while also soothing sore throats. The perfect way to kick off those deep restful nights of sleep – order some today and get ready to hit the hay in no time!

Tasty and Healthy

Natural bedtime treats are a thing! This tasty treat is perfect for those who want to relax and soothe their tired, but not sleepy minds. Not only does it have calming effects on people from all over the world – humans use chamomile flowers as a way of getting peaceful sleep since ancient times too–but this blend also goes perfectly with our CBD extract which has been extracted naturally without any toxic solvents or chemicals like hexane.


The Chamomile Passion + Hemp Blend will help take away your stress while soothing you into dreamland in no time flat.

So don’t wait any longer! Start shopping now to get this healthy treat and let’s begin the sales.

Content of CBDfx Sleep Chamomile Passion Flower Gummies

  • x1 Box Display
  • x10 Pouch Pieces 32gr

            Packed weight 0.416 kg
            Packed size 14 × 10.5 × 14 cm

            CBD Fx

            CBD (mg)

            200mg CBD

            Pieces per display

            10 pieces



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            SRP per piece: €
            Minimum amount: 3

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