CBDfx Turmeric Spirulina 1500mg CBD Vegan Gummies (240g)

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A Sweet and Healthy Treat

In this turmeric- and spirulina-sweetened CBD gummy, enjoy the health-boosting one-two punch of “superfoods.” Turmeric and Spirulina have beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.


These wholesale CBDfx Turmeric Spirulina 1500mg CBD Vegan Gummies may also be enjoyed as a great snack between meals or for a sweet tooth craving! With two superfoods, plus their CBD serving, this is the ideal product for your clients who want to enjoy a large serving of antioxidants.

The Perfect Quantities

These gummies are completely vegan and all-natural. They contain no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, and no animal gelatin or other filler ingredients. Instead, they’re made with organic pectin, organic agave nectar, and organic cane sugar. These gummies include a significant amount of CBD due to their high quality (50mg per serving).


To use it it’s easy as read following the label directions. Your customers will need to start from one or a maximum of two gummies and analyze how their body reacts, depending as always on the experience and body size, before increasing the quantity. The maximum recommended is 70mg CBD in 24h.

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CBD (mg)

1500mg CBD



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