Chamber for PUFFCO Peak Pro Vaporizer

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Replacement heating chamber for the 'Peak Pro' vaporizer by PUFFCO®. The 'Peak Pro' atomizer with its ceramic chamber is both the heart and brain of the entire device. A unique sensor inside the chamber communicates with the 'Peak Pro' and keeps the temperature exactly where it should be - regardless of how much inhalation or how much concentrate is poured in.

✔️Intelligent sensor technology

✔️Optimal and consistent heat performance

✔️Full aroma and purest taste

The ceramic chamber is free from additional components such as coils, adhesives or plastics. This guarantees a pure vapour experience with full flavour. In addition, the ceramic chamber has an increased capacity. Cleaning is very easy despite the smart technology: unscrew the chamber and place it completely in 99% iso-alcohol.

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Minimum amount: 3

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