Classic Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5% to 10%

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HERBLIZ Classic Full Spectrum CBD Oil Mouth Spray - the classic of our CBD mouth spray series! Our Classic CBD Oil contains high-quality coconut oil and the natural extract from the full spectrum hemp plant. Our CBD oils fit as a practical mouth spray in any bag. For your daily oral care - even on the go.

Ingredients of our product

Naturally derived CBD from Hemp Leaf Extract: Contains natural terpenes. Ensures a good oral hygiene.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the hemp plant is actually not a new discovery? The ancient Egyptians already knew about the topical use of cannabis. None other than Pharaoh Ramses II, who reigned over three thousand years ago, advised his people to take the cannabis plant as medicine.

Coconut Oil: A real all-rounder.

Did you know? Lazy nut? Not at all! In Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, coconuts are part of everyday life. Harvesting and processing coconuts has been the main source of income for many families for generations, especially in tropical countries.

Each 10 ML 5% bottle contains about Approx 500mg of phytocannabinoids.

Each 10 ML 10% bottle contains about Approx 1000mg of phyto

CBD Oil 5%

Tax: 21%
SRP per piece: €28
Minimum amount: 3

CBD Oil 10%

Tax: 21%
SRP per piece: €55
Minimum amount: 3

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