DynaVap The 2021 M Vaporizer Starter Cedar

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The popular mechanical vaporizer with THE CLICK from DYNAVAP® made in the U.S.A. convinces with the sophisticated technical design of the heating chamber in combination with the air supply, so that a full, rich vapour is produced after only a few seconds of heating. This is the starter pack of the model 'M', Edition 2021, made of medical stainless steel and with a 'DynaStash' (magnetic holder/storage and supply box) made of cedar wood. The highlights at a glance:

✔️ independent of electric supply

✔️ full steam development

✔️ ease of use

✔️ small & discreet

✔️ climate-friendly

Using is very simple: Pull off the captive cap, fill the heating chamber with grinded herbs by using the longer side of the cap as a tamper. Then put the cap back on, cover the air holes with your finger and heat the heating chamber while rotating in the gas burner flame until you hear ONE click (for DynaVap beginners) or TWO clicks (for DynaVap advanced users). Then inhale and release the air supply while the last puff - and enjoy! The vaporised herbs can be easily removed from the heating chamber for the next round.

The starter pack is optimal for all beginners, because it has everything included that is necessary for the perfect DYNAVAP® experience:

  • 1pc 'M' vaporizer
  • 1pc DynaStash
  • 1pc jet flame lighter (Note: unfilled! )
  • 5pcs pipe cleaner
  • 1pc DynaWax
  • 3pcs high temperature o-rings
  • 2pcs condenser rings
  • 1pc spare stainless steel screen
  • 1pc instruction manual

  • Only the herbs are missing... For the vaporisation of oil or wax there is a special capsule for concentrates (sku 50 36 00). This is available separately.

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