E-liquid bunch vapers orange cookies 10ML

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The E-Liquids of Bunch Vapers replicate the taste of the best varieties of Cannabis on the market. We use terpenes and natural aromas along with a blend of high quality BIO-PG and VG to achieve the perfect formula.

 It comes in 10ml formats and is available in 4 varieties:

  • Mango Kush
  • Strawberry Haze
  • Critical Lemon
  • Orange Cookies

The E-liquids of Bunch Vapers do not contain NICOTINA, THC or CBD so they are legal and can be marketed worldwide.

Our product is manufactured in Spain following the strictest quality standards of the vapeo and in homologated installations.

We use BIO-PG of vegetable origin unlike other E-liquids in the market that manufacture their E-liquids with PG of fossil origin.

 They are designed to be vapeados with our vaporizers BUNCH VAPERS although they can be used with any vaporizer.

Finally a solution without cannabinoids with the pure taste of cannabis that has revolutionized the world of vapeo. Pure taste of cannabis without combustion or cannabinoids.

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