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Gronest fabric pot covers has been tested in outdoor and indoor environments and keeps plants nearly weed free with huge savings in production costs.

It is s re-usable (is  UV resistant and can be disinfected), water and fertilizer permeable (even granular fertilizer is no problem) and is chemically neutral (no added salts, no change in pH, no N-fixation).

 Thickness 1.7-2 mm
 Sizes Ø11.5, Ø15, Ø19, Ø24, Ø28, Ø31, Ø34, Ø36 cm
 Color grey
 Permeable yes


1 liters 0.12€
2 liters 0.18€
4 liters 0.20€
8 liters 0.30€
11 liters 0.36€
15 liters 0.57€
19 liters 0.63€
25 liters 0.69€
39 liters 1.11€
55 liters 1.65€

Fabric discs are available for 1-39 liter gronest pots. They making watering to be more efficiency and more accurate.

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      SRP per piece: €
      Minimum amount: 3

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