Glass Extension for XVAPE V-One 2.0 Vaporizer

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Replacement bubbler mouthpiece for the 'V-One 2.0' vaporizer pen by XVape®. The bubbler mouthpiece is filled with water and placed on the heating element. It has a percolator, which provides the right water bubbling effect during inhalation and filters out dirt and ash particles out of the steam. This makes it particularly mild, but at the same time very effective.

In addition, the water filter ensures a fun dimension when vaporizing oil or wax. The bubbler attachment is absolutely leak-proof when properly filled. A spare smoke catcher and splash guard (so-called carb cap) is also included. Its 'handle' is attached by a very strong magnet and it also serves as a dabber, which is a practical tool for handling sticky extracts. For example, the concentrate can be placed on the heating pan by the dabber or you can remove sticky extracts from baking paper and much more.

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