HONEYstick VV Buttonless 510 Vape Pen Battery

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The HONEYstick™ battery with 510 screw thread is suitable for all cartridge/tank systems with 510 thread.

Instead of a usual on/off button in the middle of the battery pen, there is the ‘Stylus Touch Tip’. Here you start the device with the famous 5 times click. The touch tip does not have to be pressed during vaping. Practically, you can also use the touch tip as a touchscreen pen for smartphones, for example.

The battery has a capacity of 400mA/h. The voltage can be variably adjusted in four ranges: 3.5V (blue), 3.7V (green), 3.9V (yellow), and 4.1V (red). If the battery charge status is low, a blinking alarm occurs. The battery is charged with the accompanying screw-in USB charging adapter.

Scope of delivery:
  • 1pc Vape Pen Battery Buttonless
  • 1pc wireless USB charging adapter

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    Minimum amount: 3

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