MagicalButter DecarBox & Thermometer Combo

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The MagicalButter DecarBox Thermometer Combo makes for simple decarboxylation of your dry herb before cooking. A food-grade silicone shell helps prevent the loss of any dry herb and ensures full decarboxylation. 

An integrated digital probe thermometer helps to calibrate your oven with accuracy during baking, while the stay-cool external digital display lets you monitor the temperature of your DecarBox without having to open your oven.

MagicalButter Decarbox features

  • Precision-integrated thermometer 
  • Stay-cool digital display
  • Food-grade silicone 
  • Oven-safe construction
  • OEM product 


MagicalButter DecarBox & Thermometer Combo, 1 piece

Tax: 21%
SRP per piece: €44.95
Minimum amount: 3

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