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Display Qnubu Silicone L

Capacity: 58 units

Format: product range display
Size: L
Non-stick FDA

"Complete range of our Qnubu SIlicone in comfortable and attractive display"

The display contains a product mix of 58 Qnubu Silicone Bottles:

  • Qnubu Silicone Mini Bottle 2ml 22x17mm (30 u.)
  • Qnubu Silicone Skull Bottle 3ml 25x13x30mm (2 u.)
  • Qnubu Silicone Double Jar 7ml 35x18mm (1 u.)
  • Qnubu Silicone Stackable Jar 9ml 30x30x30mm (1 u.)
  • Qnubu Silicone Square Keychain 9ml 39x39x16mm (1 u.)
  • Qnubu Silicone Soccer Jar 8ml 38mm (1 u.)
  • Bottle Qnubu Silicone 5ml ØOD32x ØID21xT18mm (8 u.)
  • Qnubu Glass Jar with Silicone Lid 6ml 24x22mm (5 u.)
  • Qnubu Silicone XL jar 11 ml 44x21mm (1 u.)
  • Qnubu Silicone Heart Jar 18ml 57x50x22mm (1 u.)
  • Bottle Qnubu Silicone 15ml Skull XL 35x55mm (1 u.)
  • Qnubu Silicone 4 + 1 Stackable 25ml 50x50x30mm (1 u.)
  • Qnubu Silicone 6 + 1 Stackable 34ml 100x50x24mm (1 u.)
  • Qnubu Silicone Hexagon Jar 26ml 30x52mm (1 u.)
  • Bottle Qnubu Silicone Barrel 11ml 30x45mm (1 u.)
  • Qnubu Silicone XXL Jar 22ml 55x29mm (1 u.)
  • Qnubu Silicone Resin Bottle 35ml (1un)


  • Food use FDA
  • Non-stick container
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Reusable
  • Allows use in microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator
  • Ideal for depositing, transporting and storing extractions
  • Wide assortment in shapes, colors and capacities
  • Leading company in the extraction sector.

We manufacture and distribute all types of FDA silicone jars, specially designed to deposit extractions or any resinous substance. FDA or food grade silicone has the peculiarity of resisting extreme temperatures and withstanding large sudden changes in temperature, therefore, it can be used in a microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator...

Tax: 21%
SRP per piece: €85
Minimum amount: 3

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