Nikki & Swami's Taängie feminized

Size: 4 seeds
Sale price€60,38


Nikki and Swami's Taängie Feminized is a Sativa dominant strain with a surprisingly
relaxing high that is accompanied by orange aromas and flavors with bursts of citrus
that seem freshly squeezed. This quality strain that from BLIMBURN SEEDS we offer
on the recommendation of two master growers such as Swami and his wife, Nikki.
It offers us a plant that can reach 1.80 meters in height with a really beautiful Sativa
structure to admire in its flowering state. This hybrid cross of California Orange x Skunk #1 provides a medium harvest quality with flowers full of crystalline trichomes and its
main effects are focused on a good balanced creative dose, a happy mood. It helps with
muscle cramps caused by overload and stress, as well as being a good laughing companion.

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