Qnubu Auto Lion Automatic Rosin Heat Press 20T

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The presses from Qnubu make the production of rosin extremely easy, very safe, and just as efficient! So it makes 'Do It Yourself' really fun.

Rosin is the cannabis resin that is extracted only by pressure and heat. Rosin is therefore an absolutely pure concentrate, free of any solvents such as alcohol or butane gas. Because of the purity but also because of the much less dangerous production, extracting with special rosin presses is becoming more and more popular.

With the hydraulic Qnubu Pro Lion press nothing can really go wrong. With a pressure force of up to 20 tonnes it presses efficiently rosin within a few minutes.

✔️ Secure extraction

✔️ Effortless extraction

✔️ Efficient extraction

The features of the Qnubu hydraulic press are: interchangeable heating plate 120x120mm, pressure force of up to 20.000kg, dual temperature control with two digital displays, temperature range from 32° F to 392° F (0° C bis 200° C), timer 0 to 999sec, acoustic alarm. The power is 1400W. The heating plate can be easily exchanged - depending on your needs. A heating plate with the dimensions 76x250mm (not included) is also suitable.

The right choice of temperature and the duration of pressing depends strongly on the type, quality, and condition of the raw material and often requires testing with smaller quantities. Furthermore, we recommend putting the rosin directly into the freezer after pressing. This prevents the terpenes from degrading and the flavour from getting lost.

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