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Qnubu Automatic Sealer is a horizontal conveyor belt sealing machine. With this machine, you can seal different types of bags adjusting the different parameters (temperature, speed, size of the belt, etc.)

With this machine, you can seal bags of different materials, such as PP, PE, Mylarm, etc. 

You can print the date and batch number on your bags using the Data Print Kit included in the product.
This machine is recommended for the food and packaging sectors. Now you can pack your products like a professional and have your own packaging line at the best price.


  • Sealing Width: 6-12mm
  • Temperature Control: 0-300°C
  • Sealing Speed: 0-16 (m/min)
  • Adjustable Conveyor Belt
  • Cooling Fan
  • Data Print Kit: To print date/batch in your bags (Included)
  • Power: 600W
  • Weight: 19 Kg
  • Spare Parts & Tools included.
  • CE certificate.

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