Schisandra Beauty Booster

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HERBLIZ Schizandra Beauty Booster with hemp seed oil and schisandra for a smooth, nourished tone.

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Would you like to try out one of the latest skin food trends? With our beauty booster range you can easily do so! These skin boosters are not only sustainable for the environment, but also for your wallet! Simply use your favourite day cream and enhance it with a few drops! You will notice the difference! Our HERBLIZ Schisandra Beauty Booster is made with an antioxidant-rich blend of superfood ingredients for a healthy, glowing complexion. Intensely moisturising hemp seed oilcombined with the vitamin C rich berry Schisandra, transforms your daily skincare routine into a highly effective botanical treatment.

Ingredients of our product

Hemp Seed Oil: Counts among the absolute "super oils"! Filled with essential nutrients, hemp seed oil is the most natural and richest source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which are known for their excellent emollient and moisture-binding properties. In addition, hemp seed oil improves the sebum quality of the skin and can help prevent pores from clogging.

Schisandra CO2 Extract: Schisandra is one of the oldest Chinese “medicinal plants”. Packed with plenty of vitamin C, E as well as linoleic acid. Another positive fact: Through CO2 extraction, all nutrients and aromas are extracted without the use of solvents or heat!

Fun Fact: This plant has a long tradition and was mainly used in China in the early imperial dynasties. There, Schisandra was known as the "Wu-Wei-Zi berry" or "fruit of five flavours", as it was said to possess five different flavours of classical Chinese medicine: sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and salty.

Rosemary Antioxidant: A powerful antioxidant with antimicrobial properties that not only protects the skin from environmental damage, but also acts as a stabiliser to extend the shelf life of the product.

Did you know? The name rosemary is derived from Latin and originally consists of two words: "ros" and "marinus", which means "dew of the sea". The plant was one of the earliest to be used in traditional medicine, even up to the time of the Second World War. Here, rosemary was burned in French hospitals to counteract the spread of germs.

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