Spare Inserts for Ispire The Wand and DynaVap

Sale price€8,46


Two borosilicate glass inserts for the induction heater 'The Wand' from Ispire for heating up DynaVap® vaporizers.

With the glass inserts, the DynaVap® will fit into 'The Wand' for hands free usage. Put the silicone coat into the 'The Wand' then one of the two inserts. Now drop the DynaVap® Vaporizer in it, let it rest on the edge while heating and wait for the 'Click' !

The insert without bottom can be used when you move the DynaVap® vaporizer up and down as you wish.

Tax: 21%
SRP per piece: 
Minimum amount: 3

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