Steve's Alien OG feminized

Size: 4 seeds
Sale price€60,38


Steve's Alien OG Feminized is a high quality strain named after the legendary Steve
DeAngelo, one of the founding fathers of the legal cannabis industry. From BLIMBURN
SEEDS we are pleased to present this wonderful variety that seems taken from another
world. Cross of Alien Kush and Tahoe OG. With a Sativa dominance that transmits a
good dose of energy and creativity thanks to its high THC values that can reach 22-28%.
It is also a great companion for relieving stress and pain. Steve's Alien OG is a variety
that gives off citrus aromas from its first days of flowering and can reach 1.50 meters
in height. It is an ideal plant for indoor cultivation but it needs expert hands. Indoor
cultivation is recommended to have our plant more controlled. Although we can also
grow this wonder that provides us with compact and dense flowers outdoors. In both
cases it will provide us with a high quality medium harvest.

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