VapCap DynaKit Deluxe

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The DynaKit Deluxe by DynaVap is a superb DynaKit full of spare parts and cleaning products.

DynaKit Deluxe contents

  • 1x Cyclone II (Triple torch lighter)
  • 1x DynaWax
  • 5x Cotton pipe cleaners with a hard bristle
  • 1x Fat Mouthpiece
  • 3x Titanium CCD
  • 3x Condenser O-rings
  • 5x High-Temp O-rings
  • 1x DynaMag
  • 1x SnapStash (small)
  • 2x Storage tubes


VapCap DynaKit Deluxe, 1 piece

Tax: 21%
SRP per piece: €37.50
Minimum amount: 3

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