VapCap DynaTec Apollo 2 induction heater

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The revolution VapCap users have been waiting for! The Apollo 2 wall-powered Induction Heater is designed and engineered by DynaTec, for use with all VapCap vaporizers. Enjoy smooth, fast and consistent vapour in a matter of seconds with either stainless steel or titanium tips. No need for lighters.

How to operate

  1. Fill the VapCap
  2. Press the button on the back to turn on the heater
  3. Insert the VapCap into the chamber and press lightly until a red light is activated
  4. Hold the VapCap until you feel or hear it clicking (about 5 to 10 seconds)
  5. Take out the VapCap and enjoy the vapour


  • Automatic shutoff after 15 seconds
  • Durable full-colour printed cover
  • Magnet to place the VapCap on after use
  • Adapter (input: 100-240 V, output: 12 V)
  • European power plug
  • Instruction guide


VapCap DynaTec Apollo 2 induction heater, 1 piece

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Minimum amount: 3

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