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DynaVap just released new iterations of 3 of their VapCaps, including the advanced Omni!

The 2021 version of the Omni features a new tip allowing you to personalize the airflow with the condenser even more. The new 9 fin profile makes for maximum heat retention. This new tip is compatible with the “Captive Cap” DynaVap introduced last year, and features a Nona crown ridged tip and fully contoured extraction chamber that you can use as an integrated grinder. The Omni 2021 also features a twin turbulating airport, creating interesting fluid dynamic effects and allowing you to find your own draw technique.

Along with these improvements, the Omni 2021 has kept all the key features DynaVap invented, that made the Omni(Vap) the advanced portable vaporizer it is today: the “adjust-a-bowl” technology to reduce the size of the extraction chamber by 50%, adjustable condenser for customized airflow, and high quality titanium body.

OmniVap 2021 features

  • Battery-free, with built-in clicking temperature indicator
  • ”Captive Cap”
  • 2 positions “adjust-a-bowl” for easy micro-dosing 
  • Adjustable airflow 
  • Twin turbulating airports 
  • Enhanced tactile navigation geometry 
  • Compatible with concentrates (attachment needed)
  • Customise your experience with a large range of accessories
  • size: 109mm 

DynaVap Use and Care Instructions

The Omni 2021 is shipped in a 100% recyclable cardboard package.


VapCap Omni 2021 - DynaVap

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