Volcano Classic Vaporizer Onyx

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The 'Volcano Classic' by STORZ & BICKEL is THE legend in the field of tabletop devices. As a pioneer, it revolutionized aromatherapy with its patented 'Volcano’ system and the inhalation of balloons. And is still in great demand. That is why the 'Volcano Classic' is now also available in the new, limited VOLCANO ONYX edition! With the tried and tested features, of course:

✔️ excellent steam production

✔️ first-class taste

✔️ high-quality materials

✔️ outstanding durability

By the way, the matt black ONYX edition is a very high-quality powder coating, which - relating to 'Volcano' - is supposed to be reminiscent of black lava rock. This not only looks awesome, but is also more resistant to scratches than the familiar stainless steel housing.

Other than that, the air is pumped through the heating block as usual and gets heated to the set temperature in the range 130-230° C (266-446° F). The setting is made in 5° C (41° F) increments. The vaporized herbs and extracts are 'collected' in balloons by the valve system, and can thus be inhaled in portions. This is fun and effective! The operation of the 'Volcano Classic' is very uncomplicated. Strict quality controls during production ensure very long vape pleasure with the 'Volcano'. Made in Germany.

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1pc Volcano Classic Onyx Vaporizer
  • 4pcs Easy Valve balloon with mouthpiece
  • 1pc Easy Valve balloon with adapter
  • 1pc Filling chamber
  • 3pcs Filling chamber clip
  • 1pc Lid ring
  • 1pc Normal screen set (ca. Ø 30mm)
  • 1pc Air filter
  • 1pc Herb grinder (ca. Ø 59 mm)
  • 1pc Cleaning brush
  • 1pc User Manual de/en

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    Minimum amount: 3

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