XVAPE Fog Pro Vaporizer

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XVAPE® 'Fog Pro' is the latest version of the original Fog with an improved convection technology and several new features, such as precise temperature settings, an OLED display, haptic feedback, higher battery capacity and USB-C. The XVAPE® 'Fog Pro' for herbs and Extracts is as simple to use as its predecessor. It grants even thermal vaporisation with its convection technology, which preserves the integrity of the content and its flavour by preventing direct contact between the heat source and the dry herbs. The XVAPE® 'Fog Pro' with black anodised aluminium body, magnetic lid, zirconium mouthpiece, ceramic heating chamber and temperature setting (100° C - 220° C / 212°F - 428°F) accurate to the degree ensures a near-instant heat-up time.

✔️ Less than 10 seconds heat-up time

✔️ Includes concentrate cup for 2-in-1 use

✔️ Magnetic lid for easy access

Scope of delivery:

  • 1pc XVAPE Fog Pro Vaporizer
  • 1pc USB-C cable
  • 1pc stainless steel tank
  • 2pcs O-rings
  • 1pc cleaning brush
  • 4pc cleaning pad
  • 3pc cleaning sticks
  • 1pc user manual de, en, fr

  • Attention: we recommend charging with a USB mains adapter with charging amperage exit of at least 1 Ampere!


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    Minimum amount: 3

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